The Prince of Wales has visited the United States of America in an official capacity 19 times since 1970 (21 including private trips). The Prince of Wales's last visit to the USA was in May 2011 when his programme included a call on President Obama at the White House and giving the keynote speech at a conference on sustainable agriculture at the Future for Food Conference at Georgetown University, Washington DC-

The Duchess of Cornwall has visited the USA officially twice with The Prince Of Wales (2005 and 2007). Their Royal Highnesses' visit to the USA in 2005 was their first official overseas tour conducted jointly as The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.

Since The Prince's first visit to the USA in 1970, where he stayed at the White House with The Princess Royal as a guest of President Nixon, The Prince has met 5 living US Presidents at the White House. The Prince met President Obama at the White House in May 2011.

List of Presidential visits:

The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation, United Kingdom

The Prince of Wales

dubble trubble POWF partnership with Galvin & Galvin London
The Prince of Wales Foundation is excited to announce its partnership with Galvin & Galvin London on the launch of their organic children’s hair and body wash products. Target stores nationwide will carry the brand and Daniel Galvin, Jr. will generously donate a portion of the sales to benefit The Prince of Wales Foundation’s various environmental programs.

Responsible Business and Enterprise
An inside look at The Prince’s Charities and their Responsible Business and Enterprise. The Prince of Wales firmly believes that the way a business operates is a combination of the way the company treats the community, planet and uses education to make themselves and those they are working to help as efficient as possible. If you can do good things within your own community, that in turn is making good business. A look into PRIME (Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise), which helps adults who are 50+ back in to work or training to be successful workers, and In Kind Direct, which donates a range of products and supplies-from toys, toiletries, makeup, to sports goods- to charities so that the charities may in turn spend their funding on investing in the people they are working to help.

Education and Young people
When observing and studying what shapes and determines how young people succeed, it was found that it was of equal parts from their families, their schools and the environment in which people live. The Prince’s Charities come together to collaborate and make an impact that is lasting on young people in the UK. The work that The Prince’s Trust has done is repaid in the difference it makes in peoples lives. Working in partnership with Dumfries House in Ayrshire, Scotland, students who complete a program through The Prince’s Trust then go on to work in hospitality programs and sustainable building programs to keep them in good work and build skills for the real world. Within the same reach to keep students interested and engaged, The Prince’s Teaching Institute is constantly working to have students interested in the subjects they learn in schools, providing dedicated and passionate teachers to achieve this goal. The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts inspires and preserves the artistic traditions and cultural heritage of great civilizations by holding classes in London, as well as international workshops. In an effort to engage young children in the arts, The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts works to inspire children to use their imagination and create their own ideas and views through access to cultural exposure.

Global Sustainability
The Prince’s Charities mission "to transform lives and build sustainable community" resonates in The Prince’s International Sustainability Unit and their mission to create global partnerships between private, public and NGO sectors to work against deforestation and toward sustainable agriculture and sustainable fisheries. The ISU believes that environmentally sustainable communities and practices are the only solution to creating global harmony. To meet the needs of creating sustainable and efficient businesses, The University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership creates new platforms and models for supporting the 7 billion people in the world. The Programme focuses on valuing the natural capital the planet has to offer.